Beech 400A (Williams FJ44)


EASA Part-66  approved Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Type Training Courses consisting of  Theoretical and Practical Elements for the Beech 400A (Williams FJ44) aircraft.
A Theoretical and a Practical Certificate of recognition will be issued to each student who has satisfactorily completed the course and has passed all the examinations and practical assessments.

The theoretical course comprises of instructor led classroom tuition, aircraft visits and examinations and focuses on the tasks required of the aircraft engineer operating in a line and base maintenance environment. The course provides extensive training on airframe, power plant and avionics systems. Phase Examinations will be held at intervals through the course.

The Practical element comprises of instructor led tuition, performance of tasks conducted in a maintenance environment and assessment of the students’ knowledge and skills.

The course content is in accordance COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 1321-2014 of 26 November 2014, ANNEX III, (Part-66), Appendix III, Aircraft Type Training and Examination Standard, 3.Aircraft type training standard, 3.1.Theoretical element and 3.2.Practical element.